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Sustainable Food
Biofuels: Fuel, Fodder, Food, Fibre
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There are biofuels and biofuels and biofuels..

* from palm oil & rape oil producing biodiesel,

* through wheat and sugar beet/cane making bioethanol,

* grass/wood providing cellulose based energy, to

* algae making oil - oilgae

As these are not being used for food, we don't include them on this site. But clearly, they affect sustainable food production. They compete for land to grow food, pushing prices higher. It is estimated that to provide the 10% of transport fuel coming from biofuel (EU Policy), it would take 50% of the farmland. (Fischler @ IPC)

Nowadays, many crops - including palm oils, rape oils and grain can be grown, waiting until harvest to see which provides higher prices - food or fuel.

There are a lot of other concerns about Biofuels which we cover on our sister site Carbon Counter. There you can find a similar quality management system for counting carbon as we have here to deliver more sustainable food - our Sustainable Food Guide. The setup is similar with Issues/ Information/ Plan/ Links.

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