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link to epaw home site EP@W Publishing Co Ltd produces high quality and active online learning programmes for people at work to help address their environmental, ethical, health & safety and sustainability concerns. Here are some of our popular products (click icons).

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Environmental Awareness Scheme for Employees (EASE)

Satisfy Environmental Management standards requirements for training and awareness, anytime anywhere - do it with EASE! Test your environmental awareness - quick quiz

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Environmental Practitioner Programme

Supervisors, skilled workers, union reps, and others who can move round at work, can translate environmental principles and policies into procedures and practices. Use the free Toolkit

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Corporate Social Responsibility Planner

Corporate Social responsibility (CSR) is "the business contribution to sustainable development". Our CSR Planner uses the new World Bank Standards for Social & Environmental Sustainability to help companies produce Action Plans. CSR Planner is free and in development, while forthcoming CSR Implementer will cost..


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Workplace Wellbeing

This Online Guide spells out the system for dealing with Health, Environment and Safety issues together. Originally written for the World Health Organisation "Healthy Workplace" project, as their "Health Environment Safety & Social Management in Enterprises", we have permission to host - without their logos.

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Promote Sustainable Development

Introduction for anyone keen to develop both equity and equality through improved work practices.
Check out how we need to balance consumption with production to bring about social, ecomonical and environmental improvements. Take the programme tour.

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Health and Safety Practices

Find out how new vocational health and safety qualifications are driving the development of (e-)learning and skills for health and safety for all employees - managers, skilled workers and all staff.
This is the way to carry out a risk assessment - online and to national standards fo competence.

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Sustainable Food

Subscribe to our "Sustainable Food Guide" to find out what makes food more 'sustainable' - the issues, information and plans to help achieve government targets for public sector to provide 'millions of sustainable meals'. Introduce employees to the concepts of Sustainable Food with our interactive Awareness programme.