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Sustainable Food: Recent Reports
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We have opened up a new (Google) site called Sustainable Food reports.

This carries about 5 or 6 reports each month that have something to do with food which is healthier for people and the planet. There is a wide range of reports, a lot of scientific stuff, both NGOs and Business reports, as well as news items.

Every so often there are special reports running with topics in the news. In 2014 these included Food BAnks, TTIP, and the Ukraine grain situation. In 2013 these included horsemeat,seeds and neonicotinoid insecticides and bees.

There is also an extensive archive (eg. 2012, 2011, 2010 ) going back seven years. You can imagine, because it is a Google site, searching for relevant information is made easy. You can see what progress, and the setbacks, over the last few years there has been to a food/farm system that is healthier for us and our world.

And you can join in and make contributions to the site. You either make comments, or ask to join in when you can add/edit the content.