Unit 1 Introduction to the Principles of Environmental Awareness


This unit forms an introduction to the environmental awareness qualification. You will learn about the main environmental issues facing organisations today and about the social, moral and legal responsibilities that organisations have in respect of the environment. You will also look at the importance of environmental management for an organisation and the benefits this brings.


Environmental awareness and management strategy

Know the main environmental issues - energy, water, waste, transport, pollution.

Understand the problems that these cause for the environment e.g. climate change, food production problems, pollution, scarce resources.

Define sustainability.

Understand the moral, social, legal and environmental importance of environmental management. Identify the benefits to organisations of effective environment management e.g. consumer/investor awareness of environmental issues, cost benefits).

Legal and moral responsibilities

Appreciate the moral and legal responsibility organisations have towards the environment and society.

Understand the legislation relating to environmental issues e.g. Environmental Protection Act 1990, Landfill Directive 1999, Landfill Tax Regulations 1996, Climate Change Levy (which came into force from April 2001) Clean Air Act 1993, Transport pollution legislation, Water Resources Act 1991, Water Industries Act 1991, Directives on waste electrical and electronic equipment, e.g. Producer Responsibility Obligations (Packaging Waste) Regulations 1997.


Understand what the implementation of ISO14001 and EMAS means to an organisation. Know the informal and informal systems of control and understand the strategy and procedures in your own organisation.

Understand the importance of motivating staff and gaining support for environmental policies and changes in work procedures and know how to do this.

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