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Sustainable Food Guide
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Free Online Help for people in organisations wishing to promote more sustainable food practices.

The free Sustainable Food  Guide is a Recipe for Success.

The SFGuide is aimed at people in public services in UK who are expected by the government to take up the running ('Food Matters').

Sustainable Food Guide

The SFGuide sets out the issues to make food "more sustainable". It tackles in detail:

ENVIRONMENT - Climate Change, Energy Efficiency, Organic Produce, Soil & Land, Fertiliser Use, Pesticide Use, Fish, Biodiversity, Water

SOCIAL - Fair Trade, Social Audit, Ethical, Local Sourcing

ECONOMIC - Internal Operations, BSE Lessons, Hormones, Antibiotics Additives
HEALTH - Hygiene, Nutrition, Animal Welfare

As a standard we use 'Food for Life' Catering Mark

The SF Guide suggests what you can do to improve sustainable food provision, by adopting & adapting a quality system. There are many skills to develop, from basic cooking and healthy food procurement to tracing environmental and ethical impacts - many thousands of miles away. These skills could be promoted with vocational qualifications based on Sustainable Food Production National Occupational Standards