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Four global food supply scenarios have been developed by the Chatham House

 ‘Just a Blip’: what if the present high price of food proves to be a brief spike with a return to cheap food at some point soon?

 ‘Food Inflation’: what if food prices remain high for a decade or more?

 ‘Into a New Era’: what if today’s food system has reached its limits and must change? (If so - do we need Permaculture?)

 ‘Food in Crisis’: what if a major world food crisis develops?

FAO Food Price Index (latest)

Chatham House Future of Food

Future Food Prices


"Across the world the responses to change will be conditioned by uncertainties surrounding the availability of sufficient energy, water, land and skills. EU/UK stakeholders need to start planning now to develop new food supply systems that are up to the task."

Chatham House Thinking about the Fututre of Food (pdf)

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