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The Labour Coordinating Committee (to become the Labour Party) pushed through, with support from the Liberal government the first Education (Provision of Meals) Act 1906, prompted by finding that half young people presenting themselves for the Boer War were physically unfit. The nutritional requirements were standardised in 1966.


These provisions for nutritional standards were removed by the 1980 Education Act of Margaret "Milk Snatcher" Thatcher's government (other than for eligible children of families on income support). Additionally, school meals were opened up to Compulsory Competitive Tendering (CCT), obliging local authorities to open services to private sector competition and award contracts to the most 'competitive' offer. It transformed a free education service into a commercial operation. More


A century after first introduced, New Labour push through Nutrition Standards for School Meals 2006 because of obesity among youngsters. There is also concern that many who have signed up for war cannot turn up for action becuase of more fat than fitness, called PUD (Personnel Unfit to Deploy). Telegraph Report

More detailed History of School Meals

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