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Take a quick bite of our Sustainable Food Awareness Programme

News About Our Learning Programmes...

We have three main online programmes promoting more sustainable food...

Promoting Sustainable Food in "Developing Environmental Awareness". This is the first vocationally related qualification to promote more sustainable food and is awarded by Open College North West: We have produced learning support materials to help tutors and students demonstrate their knowledge and understanding to conform to the OCNW requirements. New Oct 2008.

The Sustainable Food Awareness Programme is designed for anyone at work and an ideal treaching/learning resource for 14+ in schools and colleges. The programme is in "flash" and you can try a free sample. There is a full version, which takes 1/2 to an hour to complete. This version has a certificate that can be printed out for particpants to show that they have completed the programme. Contact us for full version.

FREE Sustainable Food Guide [edition 2] - This edition is up to date, with all web links working and will always remain freely available from this site. It is aimed at people in the food chain, who want to find out more, to see what their organisation can do and for people to see their roles in relation to others. Please add a link to us from your site to help spread the word. Thank you.

The Sustainable Food Guide is copyright of Environmental Practice at Work Co Ltd, if you wish to print any screens please ask us first. If you would like to purchase CDs of the most up to date edition, would like it customised to your own branding, or developed more for you own particular requirements, please contact us.

We are always looking at ways to develop e-learning that can help make people and the planet healthier. We have more environmental and sustainable programmes, see home site. Please contact us if you have any ideas, or want some other e-learning programmes. graphic: learning

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