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How this site helps promote more sustainable food...

This Sustainable Food Site can provide a focus for helping people promoting more sustainable food. In particular, we want to explore how organisations can demonstrate they are improving food production along more sustainable ways. "Assurance schemes" (left hand column) have an important function that may be developed to include "sustainable" criteria, such as those proposed by SAI or GlobalGAP. Debate, discussion and education will be the order of the day. To that end, this site provides:
Sustainable Food Guide helps you find out about a range of food issues, including "fair trade", "organic", soil, land, "climate change" "hygiene" and "health". The Guide explores relevant laws, standards and best practice related with each. You can use these to help you make plans for improvement. You can find loads of information regularly updated and relevant to your organisation. The Guide is both educational and organisational. While the Guide explains the issues, it also helps you work out what you can do. Link: Sustainable Food Guide
Learning and Awareness. We have developed a few online quizes for checking what you or your friends already know about sustainable food issues.
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Sustainable Food Awareness interactive learning programme that employees and students will find a fascinating introduction raising awareness of food issues.
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Skills Development. When suggesting "things to do", we are aware of the 'levels' of skills required for each, and try and match these to existing UK national standards awards and qualifications.
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You can find in the top menu all about us, our other programmes, and where to get further support.
Email us to discuss how your organisation may wish to adopt and adapt any of these programmes.
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