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LEAD's  Livestock's Long Shadow The livestock sector emerges as one of the top two or three most significant contributors to the most serious environmental problems, at every scale from local to global.

DEFRA analysis of Food Security in the UK - 3 days before Christmas, examines "the return of globalisation and other economic trends that have weakened self-sufficiency arguments". Definition of Food Security.


DEFRA launches Year of Food and Farming in Education, "an industry-led initiative aimed at helping children and young people learn more about how food is grown and produced and how it reaches the consumer."

Food Ethics Council spells out Six challenges for the future of farming and food - some of the stickiest questions facing farm policy in the run up to further CAP reforms. This links into an online forum at SDC.

Supermarkets signed up to the WRAP  sponsored Courtauld agreement pledging their commitment to design out packaging waste growth, deliver absolute reductions in packaging waste and identify ways to tackle the problem of food waste.


Fairtrade launch Fairtrade at Work campaign. "Switch your workplace to Fairtrade certified tea, coffee and other products, and you can help make a difference to the lives of farmers and workers in some of the world’s poorest countries."


Footprint of Scotland's Diet by Stockholm Environment Institute shows that Healthier Food is better for the Environment - by reducing the environmental pressure up to 40%. Backed by WWF and Aberdeen Council.

Farm Subsidy - Find out who gets what from the European Union’s Common Agricultural Policy. You can find out how much a local farm gets, the biggest farm, and manfacturers - for many countries across Europe.

Greening Supermarkets - Report from National Consumer Council rates the top eight UK supermarkets on their environmental credentials. The research used indicators that spot-checked practices that can help supermarkets customers become greener shoppers.

TUC Congress (Motion 43) decides to: "promote healthy eating campaigns through workplaces to benefit the health of workers and to support them in guiding their children"

Sustainable Use of Pesticides - new EU Directive/Regulation requires all Member States to establish national action plans and create a system of awareness-raising and training of all professional users, that includes integrated pest management and organic principles. (in Pesticide Information)


DEFRA Science Study determined the environmental burdens and resource use in the production of 10 agricultural and horticultural commodities. It shows nitrous oxide (N2O) is the single largest contributor to global warming potential (GWP) for all commodities (except tomatoes), sometimes exceeding 80%

Calculate your Food Miles provides the average distance the product travels when it is imported. (part of 'Review')

Score your Diet for health is a quick check-list to show how your diet scores on nutrition, the environment, and animal welfare. (part of 'Review')


Government response is to ignore Royal Commission's Report on Crop Spraying.

RULU show there would have to be "vast changes in food consumption for healthy eating guidelines to be met...and helps us to understand and assess how much agriculture and land use would need to adjust".


"I will if you will"- Summary of Report of Sustainable Consumption Roundtable to embrace the concept of "one planet" living.

Food - Ethics site for "professionals". added to Sociallinks.html


CITY UNIVERSITY REPORT (pdf) of 25 world's largest Food Companies response to the health challenge, author describes as "pretty pathetic".

Acrylamide - the Food Scare the world forgot. CIAA Acrylamide "Toolbox" (pdf)

FISS - Food Industry Sustainability Strategy - DEFRA and the Food Industry set a range of "challenges" about sustainability issues, from energy to ethical trading.

Commercial Farmers Group "Case for Sustainable UK Agricultural Industry and National Food Security"


The NHS 14 Objectives for Food Procurement Plan have been added to Review and the SDC Good Citizen Test to "Check"


NEW ENVIRONMENT SECTION - BIODIVERSITY issues, information, planning & links to relevant web sites

Nitrogen everywhere - 'reactive' nitrogen, contributing to climate change, ozone at ground level , decreases in stratospheric ozone layer and eutrophication airissue.html, airinfo and following.

New section on water opening up - how much is needed to feed us westerners waterissue.html


NEW SECTION about Prawns - post Tsunami! In fish issue, leading to fish information, plan & links...see fishissue.html and following pages

PIE FIGHT AT MELTON MOWBRAY. UK High Court rules "Pork Pies like Champagne". More @ milesinfo.html.


NFU Report "Agriculture and Climate Change" suggests ways farmers can reduce Greenhouse Gases - airplan.html (free airplan.html)

New Food Hygiene law

EU "Healthy Diets" Green Paper

HEALTHY COMPETITION. A new report uses "Health Responsibility indicators", to find the supermarket that promotes healthiest food. Now in latest check.html (free check.html)

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