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Sustainable Food Guide
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The first thing you need to do is to review the current state of affairs in your organisation. You need to determine which of the issues are relevant to you, your organisation, employees and customers. "Sustainable Food" means something slightly different to each of us. Some may point out that organic has being developing sustainbly for some time, but others may want to emphasise the health aspects more, or that more emphasis needs to be given to the social parts of the production.

Look at the information files about the different Food Issues (Left hand navigation)
You cannot tackle every issue straightaway. Choose those particular issues that you consider may be of most concern, and those where your organisation may already have made a start.

Set up Review Group, based on DEFRA Food Procurement Toolkit. This will consist of an end user, budget holder/project manager/technical agent, trade union rep, and staff restaurant committee rep. They can use supplier check to review themselves.


Determine your main concerns, particularly in relation to possible consumers & the surveyed concerns of employees.

Map out inputs and decide sustainable food issues.

You may consider checking latest UK & EU Food Law
or Food Standards Agency Guide to Food Law

Skilled workers:

Survey concerns of others. Pass the results of your survey to management, request feedback & disseminate feedback.
Complete the quiz, make a note of any suprises.

All staff:

Check how much your lunch (and all other meals) contibutes to global warming with Bon Appétit Management Company Low Carbon Diet Calculator or In Women we Trust FOod CO2 Calculator.

Complete survey pass to your supervisor and comment on feedback.

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