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Quality management systems are based on Plan-Do-Check-Act. Now is the time to check what your organisation has achieved. In order to demonstrate that you are continually improving and aiming to meet your objectives you need to be able check progress. To do that, you will need first to measure what has been done.

How are you going to measure progress?
The programmes you set up to achieve your targets will give you a good starting point. This will measure your progress internally against your oen organisations objectives. A second way of measuring successes is against indicators. This is similar to benchmarking your organisation against a set criteria. As there are no standards or 'kite mark' for sustainable food systems, epaw have developed a set of indicators for you to use. We have used different types of indicators, along the guidelines in ISO 140031 Produce Indicators [Environmental Management Standard]. These are:

  • operational indicators that look at how your company does things
  • management indicators show managers are performing
  • environmental indicators here we look at external indicators throughout the sustainable food chain which as a purchaser you can influence and exert some control

Indicators are written in plain terms so they can be understood by everyone. They tell you where you want to be. You can make judgements about the present and make plans for the future using the indicators. Each sustainable food issue has one or more indicators and a system for you to measure your progress against these.

Managers Tasks:
Collate progress in programmes and target achievements. Compile short report for senior management detailing successes and indicating any problems or revisions you may need.
Measure the organisation's overall achievements against the epaw sf indicators
Arrange for another manager to check or audit your indicators against your target progress. As there are no standards for sustainable food systems, there is no need to have external auditors. However, consumer confidence will be improved if there is some sort of auditing. You may wish to use auditors from other parts of the organisation.There may be existing quality or environmental auditors in your organisation. They should be quite able to check on your progress.

Skilled Workers Tasks:
Complete the sf 'plant mark'
Feedback to managers

All staff Tasks:
Take part in the 'plant mark' survey.


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