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Recent reports

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What we are up to...


Charlie spoke for the The Fife Diet @ Falklands Centre for Stewardship 22 January, on "What is Sustainable Food, Why we need it now, and Who can promote it". Flash Presentation

Charlie appointed as Specialist Adviser to EFRA Select Committee on "Food Security to 2050



Charlie chaired Rachel Carson Lecture One Step forward Two Steps Back

Feeding the World Are GM crops fit for purpose? Queen Elizabeth Hall, Nov 12 "This conference will examine, searchingly and honestly, the claims and counter claims of one of the most critical issues of our time". Charlie made PPPresentation. All presentations (as pdf's & sound files)

October University of Newcastle Agricultural Society Oct 23 Charlie speaking on "Sustainable Food: Threat or Opportunity". PPT Presentation

August CC presented Food - Health & Environment (PPT) at Karonlinska Institute's Nutrition Summer School in Izola Slovenia. He suggests the 'Common Agricultural Policy' should become the 'Sustainable Food Policy'. All agreed!

July Charlie spoke at the Tolpuddle Martyrs Festival (Programme pdf p4) along with Joanna Blythman and Tim Lang (speakers graphic) in discussion about 'Tolpuddle to Tescos'.

CC Introduced the Living Rainforest Conference March 12 with "What is sustainable food?" (ppt). For all other presentations at Conference.


Charlie was interviewed by Food Programme Radio 4 on Ribble Valley Food Trail. Listen to whole programme or just Charlie's interview. New Ribble Valley Food Trail Site.

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