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Sustainable Food Guide
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Improve health & safety working conditions

Provide training and develop skills that can promote sustainable production

Audit wages & employee benefits

Check products ethically with Ethical Consumer.


Look at the Ethical Matrix

Find out whether all your suppliers 'recognise' trade unions

Support local food/farming welfare initiatives

Involve employees & suppliers throughout your food chain

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Establish with recognised trade union a joint sustainable food team in 3 months.

Possible Policy Statements

"We believe workers throughout our food supply chain have rights to consultation and negotiation on conditions of work."
"We will treat all our employees in a fair and equitable manner."


The Food & Drink Federation set a target (pdf) "to reduce by 20% the incidents of work-related ill-health cases and reduce by 30% the number of work days lost due to work-related ill-health by 2010."

Suggested Indicators

Workers throughout supply chain have equitable conditions & equal opportunities.
Management level responsibility for labour standards.


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