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Sustainable Food Guide
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In order to "develop" people must invest time and money. In order to that they will want a vision that they will beenfit in terms of living standards and conditions. In order to achieve that, both business needs to prosper and employees want security. In order to drive those improvements to the environment and living conditions, investors – whether public or private, will want a return.

Economic and Ecology have a long history, starting with their names. As we put more value to natural assets, so will new forms of economics evolve that "capture the ecological value". e.g in the future we may will value land more highly that supports nice little birds like linnets (linnets are one of many BAP species). As these values increase, so to will those forms of economics that can count nature better (eg Emissions Trading). The question will always be: "how much are we willing to pay for better food?" If it is more than at present, then there is a future for many in the food chain....

Have you ever wondered where all the Common Agricultural Policy money goes? Does it help fund more sustainable food? We know there are conservation measures with the Environmental Stewardship Scheme, but what about the other 90% of funds. Does it go to local small farms, larger farms, french farms or manufacturing? Now we can find the answers with
Farm Subsidy. The farm with largest contribution is Farmcare - the largest farm belonging to the Co-operative. But they are fourteenth in list. Tate and Lyle have 3 of the top 5 positions (and are also top carbon dioxide emitter!). Check out our proposals for CAP funding and "Does CAP make us fat?" Quiz

Some people are beginning to realise that if the present economies are to become sustainable, they need to learn from natural systems. Classifying natural systems as biological, chemical and physical, we examine some lessons already learnt about economics and the environment.

Biological - BSE , Chemical - Hormones, Antibiotics, Additives, Physical- Internal Operations.


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