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Sustainable Food Guide
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It was Barbara Ward who said that 'the environment' meant nothing to millions of people in the world if it didnt improve things for themselves. Hence ‘Sustainable Development’. We not only need to live within limits, we also have to improve and develop at the same time. This is the great challenge for humanity in the 21 st century.

It is clear that the most important relation is that between 'the environment' and ourselves, and that we need to understand that better, if we are to develop. From the poorest who may bring about limited damage through tree felling to the richest controlling the earth’s resources (e.g oil), there is an interaction that we need to recognise, understand and develop.


Social elements exist throughout the food chain - from producers around the world, through those workers who move and make food, though to those communities depending on food for a living. Here, we classify according to Producers - Fair Trade, Production workers - Social Audit, Community - Local Sourcing.


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