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Sustainable Food Guide
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'Sustainability' is what we need to aim for, and to do that we need 'sustainable development'. The aim of sustainable development is to move forward 'balancing' the three elements - environment, social and economic.

In the past we may have talked about these same three elements as 'conflict' between land, labour and capital. The word capital is very useful as we can also talk of 'natural capital', to show how we can use the world's resources. These resources will grow in importance and value as they deplete. In order to prevent wars over these resources, other means need to be found to allocate them.


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While the health of the planet is a prime aim of sustainbility, it cannot be very sustainable if too many of us are dying before we need because of the food we eat or don't eat.. And the way we treat animlas has always been a measure of how we treat the world. Finally, can all the issues for more sustainable food be solved by science? We look at whether genetic modification can contribute to more sustainable food...

Human Safety - Hygiene, HealthNutrition Animal - Welfare. Does Gene Modification promote sustainability?


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