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Sustainable Food Guide
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Issues Issues

London Borough's Sustainable Food Policy (pdf)


International Level
What is "Food Policy?" Answer

The World Health Organisation run workshops worldwide for government officials to promote "Food & Nutrition Policies and Plans". This course is based on the 'Four Pillars' - of Nutrition, Food Safety, Sustainable Food, and Healthy Lifestyles. Summary of Pacific Workshop (pdf), based on original 'Three pillars' in European Manual (pdf) Outline of 10-12 hr course run recently on 'Food Policy' (Post Graduate level)

Organisation Level

There is a cacophony of national and international policies which relate with the environment and the food chain.
A Sustainable Food Policy will use the results of the previous review. Your policy is a public statement. The policy sets out broadly what your organisation intends to do about making food more sustainable.

The Policy states broad aims such as:
  1. Set and review Sustainable Food objectives and targets
  2. Comply with legislation
  3. Prioritise Sustainable Food Issues to be addressed
  4. Reduce impacts on health and environment
  5. Commit to continual improvement in food control
  6. Communicate the policy to employees and customers

Check the commitment is there.

Choose what you want to commit to - something you can realistically achieve and be able to tell your customers. Companies increasingly want to signal to consumers that they are taking more care over food than that required by law.

Write your policy based on the standards of policy writing set by environmental management systems.

Skilled workers:
Look at possible statements of commitments to Sustainable Food.
Comment on draft policy and make recommendations.

All Staff:
Find the six essential features of a sustainable food policy

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