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Sustainable Food Guide
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London Borough's Sustainable Food Tendering Toolkit (pdf)

 Implement 1...

Your organisation should now have
1. Sustainable Food Policy with clear objectives,
2. Set the first targets and designated roles and responsibilities

What next? Turning those ideas and preparations into practices is the hard part. Managers need to liase with the Skilled Workers and put necessary resources into developing operational programmes. Document what is going on - but 'Keep it Simple'. (Contact EP@W if you want to set up such a system electronically)

Look through the "Plans" of each of the Issues.
Allocate time, resources and people to recognise what is feasible.
Keep everyone informed of what, where, when and how.
Confirm roles, timescales, resources needed and maybe identify some training needs.

TARGETS (Set against
policy objective)

Carry out Feasibility study with all suppliers for seasonal availability, costs, quality, range, of organic fruit & vegetables

Obtain list of all suppliers from accounts
Filter out those supplying fruit & veg




01- 05 th Nov

5% of menu ordered & served organic fruit & vegetablesDevise letter and questionnaire
Approve contents
Send out with copy of policy



06 -07th Nov
Survey customers opinion of changes to fruit & vegetablesCollate responses
Telephone non-respondants
RS/JS15 - 20th Nov

Skilled Workers

  • Co-operate to develop timetabled programmes to implement targets
  • Arrange meetings at relevant intervals for feedback to monitor progress and re- schedule if necessary.
  • Produce procedures to turn policies into practices
  • Report overall progress to managers.

All staff

There should be clear directives for carrying out certain tasks. Talk with the person responsible to alter what you are doing in order to be more sustainable.


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