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 Additive Plan...

Review which products you buy containing additives and what they are for.

Read the labels. Many labels are written in small print and in colours matching packaging, become familiar with the chemical additives listed. For printable lists of additives by type and E numbers check out Bryngollie

Check whether any of the additives in foods you use are known to cause adverse affects in some people. Check the Chemical Cuisine.

Identify those foods that are guaranteed additive free, involve suppliers and customers.

Check food label to see if it conforms with Food Labelling Regulations, including QUID - Quantitive Ingredient Declarations.

For the latest information on Additive Law, check Foodline from Leatherhead Food International

Possible Policy statement

'Our organisation wishes to develop a precautionary approach to using chemicals'.

Suggested Indicator

Quantities of additives per meal.

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