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Emissions & Reduction of GHGs in
Agrciulture & Food (pdf)
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  Food and Carbon Emissions...

Carbon emissions occur at all stage of food production. Details of carbon dioxide emissions and food found in NW Study

Local trading could save 12.2 Mtc (
Million tonnes of Carbon) CO2. In 2002, food transport produced 19 mtc - 10 Mtc emitted in the UK & 9 mtc food imports. DEFRA Report 2005.

In UK, 17% of men, 21% of women are obese
and 46% of men & 32% are overweight.
Carbon is being stored as fat.

Waste Disposal
Around 25% of food purchased is thrown away. The more that goes to landfill or incineration the more carbon is lost from the earth & goes up as CO2.


Local food offers saving 0.6Mtc GHG/Ozone depleters with freezing in supermarkets

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Problems for food


The UK could sequester 6Mtc/yr in the soil and maintain present production

Fertilisers and pesticides cost 2.3 Mtc during their production.


18% of the soil organic carbon present in arable topsoils in 1980 had beenlost by 1995. That is about
4Mtc/yr lost in GHG emissions.

Livestock contributes 5.7 Mtc methane

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