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Sustainable Food Guide
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Discuss in groups any of the following.

What would be the effects of a hygiene scandal (eg. Salmonella outbreak) on your organisation?

Are you bothered about how animals may treated during food production?

Where does most of your food come from - local, regional or national, sourcing?

Would you like a canteen at work providing food that is good for you and the planet?

Is safety the only concern you have when eating food?

Would you pay more for food that can demonstrate improvements to health and environment?

How would "responsible food" compare with "ethical" or "organic food" ?

Should costs be a reason to prevent developing more responsible food?

Can organic food be affordable to customers?

If you are what you eat, should your organisation become more responsible for the food it handles?

It may be a long road to provide sustainable food, is it worth travelling for?

How to involve others

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