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 Biodiversity Plan...

The Biodiversity Convention invites national and regional authorities to come up with their own Biodiveristy Plans. The UK Biodiversity Action Plan (BAP) chose various species (called BAP species), including such birds as skylarks and song throushes, and butterflies such as the Adonis Blue and Marsh Fritillary, as indicators of biodiversity. The aim of their Targets Review is "to update existing UKBAP Species and Habitats targets and make them SMART".

To see how the new Environmental Stewardship Scheme (ESS) can help promote BAP Species and habitats see "Nature on the Map".

Possible Policy Statements


The Government Estate (1% land area) will take measurs to enhance biodiversity

Graphic: Biodiversity

Biodiversity Benchmark has been set up by nearly 50 Wildlife Trusts to involve many organisations manage biodiversity, making it an integral part of their activities.

Suggested Indicators:

Count how many species of bird you see from your windows each day. Keep a log. Put out bird nests (even in cities) and feeders and keep count.

Possible Targets
Double the number of bird species in one year.

Buy 50% more varieties, preferably local, of food in next year.


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