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 Food Scares since 2000...


Diacetyl causes 'Popcorn Worker's Lung'.

The US National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health has suggested that diacetyl, when used in artificial butter flavoring may be hazardous when heated and inhaled over a long period. Workers in several factories that manufacture artificial butter flavoring have been diagnosed with bronchiolitis obliterans, a rare and serious disease of the lungs. The cases found have been mainly in young, healthy, non-smoking males. There are no known cures for bronchiolitis obliterans except for lung transplantation. More from Hazards


Aspartame (E591) - does this sweetener cause cancer? July 2005, rat research from Ramazzinni Institute suggest significant increase of lymphomas and leukemias in female rats at a dose half the level of Accepted Daily Intake (ADI) permitted by current regulations. European Food Safety Authority is investigating.

Sudan 1 2005

Acrylamide 2002

Apple Mullerice - February 2004

A batch of Apple Müllerice Creamy Dairy Rice with Apple Pieces in Syrup dessert was been withdrawn from supermarket shelves, although others may still be for sale in smaller shops or already in consumers fridges. Investigations show that a raised level of methoxyphenol (guaiacol) has been found in the product the cause of which is being investigated by Müller Dairy (UK) Ltd. Although guaiacol, at a raised level, may cause a burning sensation, the risk of any other more serious health effects is very low. Check out the materials data sheets on hazards of guaiacol (Canada)

Birf Flu Threat

Bird Flu virus is spreading from Southern Asia where it has killed over a 100 people.

Bird Flu was detected in birds in Russia and Kazakhstan in 2005, posing the possibility of a flu pandemic. It is impossible to stop the migrating birds carrying contamination. As a result, Dutch authorities have called free range chickens to "come inside" and thus avoid infection.

The worry is that it can ransform into a human version - where it is very dangerous killing over 1/2 infected.

If the virus mutates, humans could start passing it on resulting in a pandemic. The UK government has ordered stocks of anti-viral drugs, but there are too few to cover the vast majority of the population and they are unlikely to do more than dent any pandemic.

Latest information see WHO Avian influenza.