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Sustainable Food Guide
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 Policy Statements..

The statements below may all be considered broad objectives that address different sustainable food issues. Each of these can be translated into a range of targets that you can then make plans to achieve. 

We aim to provide food:

  • that is nutritious, fresh, and reflective of local diversity
  • as unprocessed and unadulterated as possible
  • not from sources that utilize excessive antibiotics, bovine growth hormones, irradiation, or transgenic modification of organisms
  • from regionally grown or processed sources to the maximum extent possible
  • produced or distributed by local farmers co-operatives
  • locally produced
  • certified organic to the maximum extent possible
  • grown, produced and packaged in a manner beneficial to the environment
  • not grown, produced and packaged in a manner detrimental to the environment
  • free from genetic modification
  • not produced or distributed by the exploitation of workers
Other objectives may include:
  • We aim to foster a sustainable food system based on sustainable regional agriculture that fosters the local economy and assures all our customers have access to healthy & affordable food.
  • We will utilize a preventive approach to nutrition-related health problems.
  • We will support regional small scale, sustainable agriculture that is environmentally sound, economically viable, socially responsible, and non-exploitative.
  • We aim to strengthen economic and social links between urban consumers and regional small-scale farms.
  • We aim to use all resources, including water and energy, as efficiently as possible and to dispose of our wastes in ways which minimise the impacts upon the environment
  • We will actively co-operate with food suppliers and other sectors on nutrition and sustainable food system issues.

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