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 Pesticide Residues...

Pesticides residues are found in samples collected by the Pesticide Residues Committee. Reports are available on the web sampled commodities. The table below is based on 2002 results. In 1999, residues were found in 29% of all samples, 1.5% exceeding legal limits called Maximum Residue Levels (MRLs). Grapes were tested in 2005 and one quarter found to have residues, although none exceeded the MRL.

FOODNumber of pesticides used% of samples with residuesParticular pesticide issue
36 chemical during 16 sprayingsIn 2002: 37% have residues 15% multiple residuesThe image of 'good food' - the apple, is now contaminated.
12 pesticides, including 6 fungicides & 3 herbicides80% in '99, 64% in '01 

12 pesticides used a dozen or
so sprayings
50% in '02
36% multiple
3% exceed limits
3% illegal.
This is the same as '99 results
5 growers have been successfully prosecuted for non-approved pesticides on lettuces.
 10% of imported white chocolate contains Lindane.Lindane is banned in EU, partly because of hormone disruption.
 In '02 Residue free 

Barley will have 6-7
pesticides sprayed on about
7 occasions.
Hops double that.
Residues were found in over 30% of UK produced beers in '02Watch out for Chlomequat.
 In '02, 43% samples contained residues of DDTDDT has been banned for 20 years. It is 'persistent' - but nobody thought this long.

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