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Sustainable Food Guide
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 Sustainable Food Mark...

This activity aims to help you assess your organisation's current performance in promoting sustainable food


Score 1 Nothing 2 Aware 3 Practice 4 Advanced 5 Full Marks
1 Packaging No recycling Some bins for paper Bins for different waste - often misused Full recycling scheme operating Purchase policy - eg. no plastic, returnable packages
2 Waste created What skips? Skips outside Segregated waste stream Waste reduction scheme All food eaten & wastes reprocessed, composted.
3 Climate Change Nothing Count CO2t
4 Energy Efficiency Don't know Quarterly monitoring Specific measuring and monitoring Energy targets Full Energy management programme
5 Organic Nothing offered Suppliers approachedSome choice of organic offered 20% all meals organic produce Fully Organic
6 Pesticide No knowledge All supplies free of residues
7 Fish Buy cheapest % of wild fish
8 Fair Trade Not considered Range of Fair Trade produce offered
9 Social Audit
10 Additives Not considered All food free of E-numbersTraditionally prepared "Home" cooked meals All Local & Organic produce
11 Antibiotics No Meat from traceable sources Meat from 'assurance standards' schemesMeat from non-routinely dosed animals
12 Hygiene Prosecuted in last year Working towards ISO 22000 Achieved
ISO 22000
13 Health Prosecuted in last year Daily 5 fruit & veg offered Some pre-cooked/processed meals All meals freshly prepared & balanced
14 Local Sourcing Nothing 10% available25% available 50% of all food All Local
15 Food Facility None Machines Canteen: choice of hot/cold snacks Wide choice of non-processed meals All meals fresh, local, balanced
Score Allocations:
1 for Nothing 2 for Aware 3 for Practice 4 for Advanced 5 for Full Marks
Overall evaluation of your workplace or organisation is:

Measure your final score against these:

15 - 20 Getting started
20 - 30 Becoming Aware
30 - 40 Starting to do something
40 - 50 Well on with SF
50 - 75Total Sustainable Food

How does your orgnaistion Compare with these scores and descriptions.

Make up a different description that you consider better describes the overall performance of your organisation regarding sustainable food.
Allow 1 hour to comeplete these activities.

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