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Sustainable Food Guide
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Concern Survey...
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1. Try out this Food Quiz

2. Carry out Concern Survey

Choose 6- 10 people at your work.
Cover a cross section of your workforce, including cleaners, porters, technicians, supervisors, managers, and prehaps customers.
Copy the survey form below and send or talk with each person.
Find out what they consider are their main concerns about the food they eat.
Find out their reasons for selection.
Make notes to write a paragraph of your conclusions.
Explain why you think the people made their particular choices.

Ask each person

  • What did you have for breakfast - circle each: Coffee/Tea, Toast, Cereal, "Full British"?
  • Do you eat five portions of fruit & vegetables each day? Yes/No
  • Do you follow any diet - circle which: Weightwatchers, Slimmers, Atkins, Other, None?
  • Do you eat meat? Yes/No
Ask what concerns they may have about their food
Survey of Food Concerns Yes/No/Not Applicable (e.g Veggie)
1. Are you concerned about Animal Welfare?
2. Do you check for chemicals (Pesticides or Additives) in your food?
3. Would you prefer to have 'GM' free food?
4. Can you 'read' food labels
5. Are you bothered about the regular use of antibiotics or hormones in meat production?
5. Are you bothered about the regular use of antibiotics or hormones in meat production?
7. Do you ever buy 'Organic' food? Often/Occasionally/Rarely/Never
8. Do you avoid eating beef to be sure about BSE contamination?
9. Do you do anything to protect against Salmonella infection?
10. Do you ask whether the fish is from a farm, river, or sea?
11. Do you go out of your way to buy locally sourced food?
12. Do you look for where your tea/coffee comes from?
13. Are any of the people you know who work in the food cycle well off ? Most/Some/None
14. Do you trust company/government scientists are telling you the truth?
Pass the results to the person responsible for collecting evidence.
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