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 Water Information...

When you have you next meal, work out how much water has been consumed.

1 kilo coffee 1 quarter hamburger 1 kilo cheese 1 kilo rice 1 kilo sugar 1 litre milk 1 kilo wheat
20,000 litres 11,000 litres 5000 litres 5000 litres 3000 litres 2000 litres 1000 litres

"Rainwater Harvesting"

India primalriy, but also other coutnries like Mexico Peru China and Tanzania are experimenting with ways to catch monsoon rains, which would otherwise evaporate. It helps to build communities as individuals cannot build the infrastructure of pools and reservoirs to trap the water. It mobilises social energy in a way that may be a model for other responses to environmental challenge.

For much more...Fred Pearces' New Book "When the river runs dry"...

Food Ethics Council Report on Water Scarcity


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