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Sustainable Food Guide
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 What is Sustainable Food & Farming?


Sustain's 7 Principles of Sustainable Food.

See the following principles of a sustainable farming and food system..Click pop up: EAFL Definition of SF

There are 'Principles and Practices' developed by Sustainable Agriculture Initiative Platform "a food industry platform to support the development of and communication about sustainable agriculture, involving all stakeholders in the food chain".

We, @ EP@W, use these definitions. principles and standards for sustainable food, for people to assess progress, using recognised systems at work. See how main worldwide Standards, Systems and Skills fit together.


UK Government The UK government's Strategy for Sustainable Farming and Food (pdf) recognised that "public support for farming in England was not just about the countryside...but was also about meeting the demand from consumers for more environmentally sustainable, healthy food".

Sustainable Development Commission

Report for the Sustainable Development Commission (by Levett-Therivel Sustainability Consultants Jan 2005) says Click... pop up: EAFL Definition of SF

This definition comes from "Sustainability implications of the Little Red Tractor Scheme" . .
For more about Assurance Schemes (like LRT), use our "Search" button in "SUPPORT" menu

Sustain say what is Sustainable Food

East Anglian Food Link  defines Sustainable Food Systems - click for detailspop up: EAFL Definition of SF

We use these definitions to produce shorted definitons such as: 
"food that is healthier for the earth and everybody on it".

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