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Sustainable Food Guide
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 Internal Operations Plan...

Most purchases are made based on what was purchased in the past - you now need to question these 'repeat' purchases in terms of their source, costs and environmental impact.

Review what you can evaluate:

Materials Use
Look at source materials - are they made from renewables? and distance travelled
How far has it come? Can you purchase something from nearer? Is it made from a recycled material? Will you use just once then dispose? Examine the environmental and economic costs of disposable items such as salt/pepper & sugar packets v table cruets; throw away cups v reuse.

Are you using too much? eg amount of detergent required for machine compared with how much is 'just poured in'
Are your supplies of fruit and veg handled efficiently by your staff?

Look at the waste in your skip!
Check out WRAP site for "Food Waste"

How much uncooked food from preperation? How much customer waste? Will your suppliers take back packaging, veg & fruit crates? Can you find someone to compost your uncooked waste? too much left on plates! - try smaller portions of items frequently left. Other waste?

The FDF has set a target to "reduce the industry’s own wastes by 15 - 20% by 2010". More from FDF on role of targets.

WRAP's Helping consumers reduce fruit and vegetable waste.

Packaging: How much is packaging? Check out Courtaulds Commitment

Machinery set to optimise use, completely fill washing machines before using, ensure temperature settings accurate, routinely check all water sources for leaks and fix immediately

See energy efficiency but also have a policy in place for replacement and new equipement to ensure long term benefits of purchasing low energy use products.

Possible Policy Statements: "We carry out our business using the most feasible eco-efficient methods without compromising on quality."

Suggested Indicators:

  • Recycle waste products.
  • Use of disposable products.
  • Use of plastic wrapping.
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