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Sustainable Food Guide
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To help implement more sustainable practices:

Look at what people already do and check job descriptons to find existing skills.

Get people to work together.

Meet regularly for updates and feedback. You can set up online communication. Promote progress reports.

Decide who needs some form of training and what training will they need. You may wish to point them to parts of the Sustaianble Food Guise to get them started.

Organise short internal training sessions at different levels across the organisation. Look at the information and SUPPORT Menu to help you put together short sessions.

Produce explanatory leaflets, for use internally and with customers, suppliers and the media. You may copy infomation from this programme to help convey the issues and what you want people to do. See copyright & licence restrictions.

Relate with external stakeholders. Contact other organisations and stakeholders within your supply chain for help and information. Disseminate what you are doing.

Yo may find these parts of the Sustainable Food Guide useful to help implement change:


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