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Sustainable Food Guide
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 Involve others...contd (2)...

Establish who communicates with external stakeholders. Having one person responsible for external communication ensures that the same consistent message about what you are doing is sent out.

CUSTOMERS Without your customers you dont have a business!
Let them see the policy.
Ask for their opinion.
Listen and take note of their concerns.
Respond to your customers concerns.
Consider how their views can be built into the process to promote sustainable food.
Handing out a short questionnaire (with menu or receipt)
Advertising on your premises and asking for comment
Offer an incentive to give you feedback

There needs to be good communications with suppliers.Many of them may have been asked previously about several aspects of sustainble food, so be able to help.
Arrange a meeting with key suppliers and get them to respond to the supplier checklist

With EU farm subsidies moving (slowly) towards encouraging more sustainable farming there are a lot of people who may be interested in what you are doing. These may be trade associations, trade unions or local authorities.

Distributethe policy. Decide who would be particularly interested in this process.

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