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Sustainable Food Guide
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 Pesticide Plan..


Find out which pesticides may have been used on your food. Ask your supplier whether they know.

Check whether any of the pesticides used are on the EU banned list.

In particular, check whether potatoes were treated with Aldicarb - a particularly toxic chemical to both animals and environment, that has been banned but is allowed for "essential use" on potatoes. It is not essential.

Determine the possible health hazards or environmental impacts of the pesticides from PAN Database

graphic: Brierfield Co-op Pesticide AdPossible Policy statement:
"Our organisation wishes to develop a precautionary approach to using chemicals.We will aim to provide food free of pesticide residues."

Some companies are starting to "go beyond the law" and move towards 'sustainablity'

e.g. The Co-op farm 'Farmcare' -the largest farm in the UK, seeks to reduce pesticide use (Green and Pleasant Land pdf).


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