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Sodium Chlorate & Sulphuric Acid withdrawn from
June 2010

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In food

The UK government has no plans to introduce targets to reduce pesticide use 'across the board' (National Pesticide Strategy), although the forthcoming EU Directive "Sustainable Use of Pesticides may require this. Pesticides in food are monitored by Maximum Residue Levels (MRLs), which are "not safety levels but are indicators of good farming practice" - to allow free movement of trade.

Pesticide residues in food are now the reponsibility of the Food Standards Agency. Residues in food are measured in the UK by the Pesticides Residues Committee.

Other aspects of pesticide use (other than disposal) are controlled by Control of Pesticide Regulations (COPR) through the Pesticide Safety Directorate. The Advisory Committee on Pesticides advises the government on pesticide matters. The ACP determines approvals on the basis of only direct impacts of pesticides, whereas GM approval also includes indirect effects. See explanation of how ACP assesses the risks of pesticides. There is a Voluntary Inititiative developing improved pesticide control.

Controls are now made by the EU.
July 2003 over 300 active substances were withdrawn, 45 of which were in current UK use. Latest

'Sustainable Use of Pesticides' & Replacement of 91/414 ...

After opposition from UK (Save our Sprays)..

MEPs vote for Sustainable Use of Pesticides

Welcomed by European Crop Protection Association

Nature's explanation

The "Green Code" (pdf) give advice to users on how to spray carefully and properly. This Code may be adapted in light of .....

Role of Residents

The Royal Commission Environmental Pollution Report (Sept 2005) investigated farm spraying and risks to residents and suggested there should be a "buffer zone" between spraying and residential properties. The Advisory Committee on Pestcides response (pdf) includes a mention of our Charlie who considered that the way forward was to make the Green Code (new edition published Feb 2006) compulsory. UK Government response ignores Royal Commission's Report (July 2006). In 2008, Georgina Downs won her case against UK government arguing that residents need better protection (full judgement). DEFRA appealed in 2009 and won.


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