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Sustainable Food Guide
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 Regular Review...

Once you have carried out your check activities you need to review with all concerned, prior to going through the system again.

Managers Tasks:

Prepare report on progress with objectives and targets, include your indicators score and the plant mark carried out by employees

Bring together , as DEFRA suggest:

* Supplier. * Either Budget Holder / Project Manager / Technical Advisor.* Representative from Trade Unions/Employees of Works Council.* Representative from Quality/management system.

Discuss whether your targets have been met and that this has been properly demonstrated and confirmed by auditors or others.

Look at the policy and decide which objectives have been met

Decide what you can say about the achievements of your organisation. You may wish to have some sort of signal of your achievements. To help make this decision, compare your results with the priorities criteria set out by DEFRA.

DEFRA identified the following priorities for Sustainable Food:
i. as a baseline, require suppliers to meet appropriate assurance standards
ii. operate in a way which takes account of the main sustainable development priorities which are:
• Supporting local and regional economies
• Resource efficiency (particularly energy use)
• Reducing waste (particularly packaging)
• Improving nutrition
iii. make premium standard options available to consumers where there is scope to do so, e.g. in catering contracts. Organic and fair trade products should be priorities here."

More in DEFRA Food Procurement Toolkit (pdf)

As there is no "sustainable food kite mark", we suggest you include the key partners (above) in your review and that you agree whether your organisation is "working towards sustainable food". They should be competent enough to decide that the organisation is acting to "working towards Sustainable Food".

Revise your policy and set new objectives with targets. You should be moving to include more sf issues and increasing targets.


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