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Sustainable Food Guide
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 What did you eat today?..
Coffee is world's second most traded commodity (after oil,) but prices 1/4 of what they were.
Chips & Crisps - Acrylamide, a known cancer causing compound, has recently been found in these foods at levels 500 X the WHO max for water.
Salad - loss of diversity, 80% of tomato varieties and 92% of lettuce varieties have been lost in the 20th century


Consumption - More than a billion people in the world are overweight - while nearly 10 million die of starvation each year.
Bananas - World most traded fruit. Of over 1400 varieties only 1 is found in supermarkets. 'Monoculture' threatens global biodiversity and increases pesticide use.
Packaged food - In the UK just over 25% of all waste is food packaging.

Chicken - In 1998 the UK imported over 60,000 tonnes of poultry meat from the Netherlands AND exported over 30,000t of poultry meat - to the Netherlands! (How much is water?)

Carrots - every calorie of carrot flown into the UK from South Africa uses 66 calories of fuel.
Milk - In 1997 126 million litres of milk were imported into the UK - while 270 million litres were exported.

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