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What EU is doing about Agricultural Nitrates? Clickpop up: UK Government action on Sustainable Food & Farming

 Nitrogen plan & policies...


3rd International Nitrogen Conference

Implementation of Nitrates Directive

Nitrous Oxide Focus Group (Presentations at launch in Feb '08).

RB209 lays down basic procedures, but we need to get a lot tighter on application (at present, there may be 4.1 ratio of return. Should be less than 1 - as often dont need it if soil in good condition).

Nitrogen Visualisation Tool

Nitrogen Policy Workshop

We need to better understand the factors that influence the net production of nitrous oxide by bacteria. Such a study will help develop appropriate management techniques for a range of soil systems to mitigate emissions and to improve existing agricultural and waste treatment practices. See

To Do: Investigate the question raised at IPC Seminar

"Did the IPCC take full account of reactive nitrogen - or did they underestimate, its affect in climate change?"

Creation of ‘reactive nitrogen’ by lightening (white), biological fixation in native ecosystems (yellow), fossil fuel combustion (black), fertilizer production (red), biological nitrogen fixation by crops (green) and imports of fertilizer , animal feed, and human food (purple) from other regions. Adapted from Galloway 2004 (Biogeochemistry 70: 153-156) by  UNEP 2007 (pdf)


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